Thames Path Tales

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~~ Flowing downstream ~~

~ Reading ~
~ Henley-on-Thames ~

~ Aston ~
A Tempestuous Crossing at Aston Ferry

Charles Hamilton Esquire was fascinated by the bobbing of the maiden’s breasts as she turned the windlass, sensing a pleasing resurrection in his velvet breeches. As he watched the rope ferry glide towards him across the Thames. [Click image for full story.]

~~ Hurley ~~
The Handsome Prince of Harleyford Palace

The Handsome Prince of Harleyford Palace.“Prithee tell, who is it that has called me?” asked the Handsome Prince into the telephone. “I recognise not the voice and I would surely recall it once heard for it is the sound of angels.”
“Give it a rest,” said Tactless Tracey. “I gotta get back to work. Put Barmy Beatrix on.” [Click image for full story.]

~ Bisham ~
Lady Elizabeth Holby and Son

A terrible tragedy happened at Bisham Abbey in 1590 that has echoed down the centuries. What happened then can be considered, if one has a mind for such things, the consequence of a curse fifty years prior. [Click image for full story.]

~ Marlow ~
Foxglove and Fourchette

I loathe this open plan layout they’ve installed in the office. Management demand I get the maximum efficiency out of my staff – the team, as they like to call it – then they go and create an aviary for the juniors to chirrup and natter at their desks. [Click image for full story.]

~ Cookham ~
~ Maidenhead ~
~ Windsor ~
~ Staines ~
~ Chertsey ~
~ Walton on Thames ~

~ Kingston ~
Counter Culture

The Saxon Coronation Stone, Kingston upon Thames

A newly opened restaurant in Kingston upon Thames is doing for its customers what meringue with soft fruit failed to do for Russian ballerinas. Etwell the Hefty resolutely keeps its diners’ feet firmly on the ground by bucking the current fashion of lean cuisine. [Click image for full story.]

~ Teddington ~
~ Twickenham ~
~ Richmond ~


I accumulated notes and ideas for these stories on my walks along the River Thames Path, a National Trail from the source of the River Thames in the Cotswolds to the Thames Barrier east of Greenwich. Because I use only bus and boot for getting to and along the river my walks cover the section between Reading and Richmond.

I am turning the notes into stories and will be adding them periodically to this collection. To receive an email announcement of the next publication please use the Follow option below.

These Thames Path Tales are my fictionalisation of a place, an event there, or its association with a person (see Legal below). Some are reinterpretations of old stories and for others it was the setting and my mood at the time that inspired the idea.

This collection, like Computer Dating and other coffee break stories, spans various genres, differing tones and diverse time periods. I hope you enjoy reading them and welcome your comments.

Other stories

For more WOC stories please visit Amazon UK or Amazon US.

Copyright and disclaimer – the legal stuff

The right of William Olson Campbell to be identified as the author of these stories has been asserted by him in accordance with the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act, 1988.

All characters and events in these publications are fictitious or fictionalised and any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is purely coincidental.

The stories are for your personal enjoyment. You are welcome to reproduce or transmit them for other people with the proviso the author’s name accompanies each story.


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