Salmon Pasta, Chicken Pasta, Pasta-Pasta Pasta

specs for the menu
specs for the specks of salmon
specs for the chicken

(Bella Italia, North Street, Brighton)


Poor Pasta in Cafè Plaça

Do not choose pasta at Cafè Plaça
because all on the menu taste the same.
Hoping for flavour is a big faux pas.

We chose fungi and queso, each by name,
to be served shapes, both with a thin white sauce
of indiscernible flavour, and lame.

Pasta sauces as different as Béchamel and BéchamelThe yellow sunshades induced a bright mood
along with the rosado – but not the food.

Welcoming yellow parasols(Cafè Plaça, Plaça de Sta Eulalia, Palma, Mallorca)