Love Locked Out of the Library

I am local, I say. I’ve published a novel
about the Kennet Navigation startup hell.
Would you like a gift copy for this library?
“No. We can’t put such books on our System, you see.”
But it does have an ISBN, I posit,
and six copies are in the Legal Deposit.
She must check with her boss (who hides in their nook),
reports back, “The System will not accept your book”.
Ah, The System. Yours it seems is a Mastodon
that trumpets a course of invalid inaction.
“We might buy your book if you put in a request.”
Buy one, reject one for free – that’s madness manifest.
++It’s just what I need to boost the writer in me –
++I can’t give away my magnum opus for free.

Cippenham library, Slough

Get to the source of BBC4’s canal

WOC researching Love Locked.
WOC researching Love Locked.

Enjoyed the sedate trip along the Kennet with BBC4 Goes Slow last night? Dip into the dramas and emotions of the Kennet Navigation’s birth in Love Locked.

Final days discount to mark the Battle of Brewery Gut, Reading 1720

On this day in 1720 Lynn Darville with the navvies brought Barge Jeannie back along the new Kennet Navigation to Reading. Would she get the same treatment or worse than on her upstream voyage? What part did she play in the Battle of Brewery Gut on 28th September, 1720? Read the story in Love Locked, in these last days of the commemorative 50% discount offer.

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Love Locked is available as an ebook from Amazon UK and Amazon US

Battle of Brewery Gut commemoration offer

The Battle of Brewery Gut, Reading took place on 28th September 1720.

To mark this, Love Locked is offered on a fabulous 50% countdown deal during this week. Read about the lead-up to and the vicious battle from the people who were there.

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Love Locked is available as an ebook from Amazon UK and Amazon US