About woc

We start with a very brief history before rattling off my writing firsts – a short section. A key factor has been involvement with groups but there’s been some self exposure – a little revealed here.

A brief history of mine

Northumberland is the county in England where I was born. When aged five my family migrated south down the coast, so I tagged along. I returned nearly north to Leeds University for a degree in Maths and Physics. There I met and fell in love with Elliott 903, subsequently working with her and newer models in computing for three decades.

This had little to do with being the dramaturg at a girls’ school. That appointment funded by the Arts Council came from my involvement in community publishing, which sprang from successes for plays, poetry and stories.

These Monday evenings still finds me at my writing group, Slough Writers. On other nights I am dancing modern jive and most weekends I’m at the South Coast with my special friend. There’s also the garden, now entirely converted to vegetable beds, and the concessionary bus pass to make the most of. Especially useful returning from a pub lunch at the end of a long walk.

My writing firsts

My first success as a writer came when I was 12, a magazine article about the nest-building persistence of a nuthatch. This earned me a five shilling postal order (25p in decimal GBP). Spurred by that rewarding experience I went into computing for a career.

My first notoriety as a writer came as founder of an in-house magazine when I worked on the EMI body-scanner. SX99 became more subversive and salacious the more employee morale sank until it was suppressed by management. I continued to use creativity with words and cartoons to enliven reports, to bring an issue to attention or to amuse the users of the computer systems.

My first novel was “A masterpiece hidden under a bushel of words” according to the editor at Penguin Books. Quite right, certainly the bushel of words.

My first success … enough of that.

Group practises

Logo for 3 groups

Engaging with other writing practitioners has meant being a member of Slough Writers for many years, and Treasurer for most of them.

While a member of Progress Theatre’s writing group I introduced Showcase, a production of new scripts now rebadged as Progress WriteFest. Writing the proposal for Showcase got me elected Chair of the theatre.

Also in Reading, I was a member of community publisher Corridor Press. Multi-hatted, as with most voluntary organisations, I was on the editorial council, researched and wrote articles for the books, and was involved in the process of book production.

Exposing myself

This is a list of a few of my works that are available in the public domain. They are here grouped into Books, Scripts and Installations.


Love Locked

The writings of Wakeman Frith and Others.
An historical, romance novel set against the violence and political intrigue when the navigable waterways first came to Reading.
Told through the diaries, journals, letters and writings of the people involved. Read more about Love Locked on this site.
Published by Mic Radman Associates. Available as paperback and ebook from Amazon.

Rhinocerotic and other dark coffee break stories

Award winning stories with bitter, adult themes.
The second collection of longer stories in the Coffee Break series. Thoughtful, high quality stories follow a variety of paths to the shocking and unexpected.
Published by Mic Radman Associates and available as an ebook from Amazon.

Computer Dating and other coffee break stories

A score of award winning short stories.
The first collection of short stories in the Coffee Break series. Each with the intensity of a double espresso. Savour tales of seduction, crime, horror, fantasy, romance and revenge.
Published by Mic Radman Associates and available as an ebook from Amazon.


A Frame That Fits

A modern murder for the rhyming rogue PI.
A family is murdered and the police call on the unorthodox services of PI Richard Gloster, who speaks in unconventional rhyming pentameter.
Published online by Lazy Bee Scripts. Visit Lazy Bee to read a summary and the script.

Guernica Goodbye

Guernica elementsLove overcomes hatred in liberated Chartres.
In this multiple Award winning Festival play the zealot, the hero and the functionary have their underlying canvas revealed.
Read more about Guernica Goodbye on my Showcase page.
Published online by Lazy Bee Scripts. Visit Lazy Bee to read a summary and the script.


One van, two women, which one knows her direction?
A trip with supplies to a war-torn women’s hospital brings two mid-life women to question the value of their action, and themselves.
Published online by Lazy Bee Scripts. Visit Lazy Bee to read a summary and the script.


Landmark Place

Glass installation with words.
This large glass hanging was a collaboration with architectural glass artist Martin Donlin for Slough Borough Council, Arts in Slough project.
Visit the work at Landmark Place, 1-5 Windsor Rd, Slough SL1 2EJ.


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