Catcher in the Fly

Tried on trousers before I bought.
Sat down to test the give and drag,
stood straight to scan not long not short,
used a mirror to view bum sag.
Ran two fingers round the waist band,
pocket depth and place checked by hand.

Our first outing came with a blow,
the zip was short by a good inch.
I am not a big man, but even so,
worming out my cock made me flinch,
prising a walnut from its shell,
with my bladder threatening hell.

Next time I’m in a changing room,
to not constrain my urgent flume,
along with my observation
I will practise urination.

Trouser zips comparison.

Author: William Olson Campbell

I write in several formats. I grow vegetables of all kinds. I dance different styles. I’ve lived several decades.

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