Double Dosa

I’m not going back to Indian Summer!
You thought it excellent, she said. So why?
Coz my expectations would be too high.

Was it sharing just one two-course set meal?
Not with papads and pickles canapés,
then dosa, thali, gratis soups and sorbets.

You’re making it sound more french than indian.
Concerning food quality, you are right.
Not the staff – they were helpful and polite.

I said going back would be a mistake.
You thought it just as good, she said. So why?
Coz my literary pen has run dry.

How can I write an incisive review
on friendly staff and a pukka menu?

(Indian Summer, Brighton)


Author: William Olson Campbell

I write in several formats. I grow vegetables of all kinds. I dance different styles. I’ve lived several decades.

One thought on “Double Dosa”

  1. Just checking my e mails and re read Double Dosa. I hadn’t appreciated it before (I was in a hurry) Its very good. Where’s Love Lady? Have a good day ,the sun is shining. Sadly I have to go in the car or I won’t have time later. love Janet xx


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